Michelle Obama to Continue Ladies Education Reform in Liberia, Morocco, and Spain

On successive days, June 28 and 29, Obama will discuss the continued assistance and dedication by the Kingdom of Morocco and U.S. federal government to guarantee ladies education. Academy award-winning actress Meryl Streep will sign up with the very first girl.

The following day, Obama will complete her journey in Madrid, Spain, where she’ll provide a speech about her Let Girls Learn worldwide initiative to broaden education reform to young girls around the globe.

In March 2015 Obama held a Let Girls Learn event in London, flanked by the U.K. Department of International Developments Justine Greening and Peace Corps Volunteer Bina Contreras.

The world requires more girls like you growing up to lead our parliaments and our board spaces and our courtrooms and our universities. We need you. We require people like you tackling the pushing problems we deal with -climate change and poverty, violent extremism, disease, she informed the audience at the Mulberry School for Girls.

She included, we wish to make sure that every door is open to ladies like you, and not just here in England, not just in America, but in every corner of the world. Which starts with ensuring that every girl on this planet has the kinds of opportunities you all need to get the education and to succeed.

Obama continues to promote for lady’s education and women empowerment.

The White House held a women’s conference at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center titled, United State of Women on June 14, where First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey advised girls to have self-value and sufficiency.

I inform my mentees, my daughters, is that our very first job in life as women is to obtain to understand ourselves. I believe a great deal of times we don’t do that, Obama said when asked them about self-worth by the media magnate. We invest our time pleasing, satisfying, keeping an eye out into the world to define who we are listening to the messages, the images, the limited definitions that individuals have of who we are.


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